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We have a used/refurbished 2011 Boremaster borehole drill machine for sale.

The drill rig comes complete on double axel trailer which the following accessories

50m of drill rods

DTH hammer (for drilling through rock)

110 mm button head bit (for stone/rocks)

180mm drag bit

1000L Water Tank by FloBin

Dirty Water Circulation Pump

Main control station

Diesel engine with Hydraulic power pack

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Drag Bits for Sale for borehole drill machines

Well drillings or well diggings
New well drillings and reborings even in hard rock
up to a depth of 120 m are no problem for the Boremaster Drilling Rig
Water can be extracted by means of well digging or well drilling. When digging, well segments with a diameter of 1 to 3 meters are needed. These wells can be dug by excavator up to a depth of 6 to 8 meters. For larger depths the well is established by drilling.
Wells for drinking water and wells for process water
The Boremaster Water Drilling rig. is able to carry out well drillings up to a diameter of 300mm using a drag bit (stabilizing pipework) and with a well construction (food safe synthetic material or highgrade steel) up to 200 mm diameter.These drilling diameters are applied for the construction of wells for public water supply facilities, agricultural irrigation wells and larger geothermal heating facilities.

For small water supply facilities, garden irrigation facilities and the like, drillings (stabilizing pipework 320 mm) with a drilling diameter of 240 mm (down-the-hole hammer, rolling bit, drag bit) are conducted. Subsequently the borehole is stabilized according to the desired water consumption with food safe synthetic material or highgrade steel.

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Drag Bit water drilling head drag bits drag bits

Borehole Drilling equipment for sale


Rotary Mud Drilling (RMD) is the most commonly used method of drilling. In direct RMD  water or water with additives/mud is pumped down a drill pipe out through ports or jets  in the drill bit. The fluid then flows up the space between the hole and drill pipe, known as  the annular space.

The fluid carries the drill cuttings in suspension to the surface of the borehole. At the surface the fluid is channelled into settling pits or tanks where most of the cuttings settle out.

Clean drill fluid is then picked up from the opposite end of the settling area. The drilling fluid is then re-circulated down the hole, the process is repeated until the drilling is complete.

Advantages of Rotary Mud Drilling

  • It is the least expensive drilling method
  • Fastest drilling method through soft formations e.g. sand, clay layers and soft rock
  • The hydrostatic pressure of the drilling fluid will keep a otherwise collapsing soft  formation open

Disadvantages of Rotary Mud Drilling

  • Not recommended for soil or site investigation drilling due to cross over of soil samples
  • Cannot penetrate hard rock formations

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Portable Water Drilling Borehole Machines for Sale

South Africa Borehole Machine sales

For those who would like to start a lucrative business, borehole water drilling, cable laying and core sampling can be done using one machine- The BOREMASTER down hole drilling machine rig. Easy to use/operate. Portable so you can go into townships, informal settlements to drill for water, lay cables or simply sink poles.

We offer two options when purchasing the Boremaster Water Drilling Machine.

Option 1:

We offer the basic borehole machine which includes drill rods, counterweights, drill head, hydraulic power pack, diesel engine and control station. This option is suite for the person who would like to load this onto a bakkie, van or some sorts.

Option 2:

This is by far the more popular choice, consisting of all the above plus a custom built trailer, water tank, dirty water circulation pump, drill rod holders. This machine rig set-up is ideal for leaving at site while the team drill. The weight of the trailer also helps with counterweight making the drilling procedure faster.

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borehole machine counterweights borehole machine drill rods


Borehole Machines For Sale in South Africa

Borehole Machines for Sale in South Africa

A simple, and reliable low investment, drilling technology for boreholes. Primarily used for unconsolidated materials, it will drill any material, including rocks, and is not troubled by boulders cobbles, or large gravel. Requires no compressors, and needs only one vehicle.


It is a non-invasive water drilling method, allowing discovery, testing and water development, as progress is made. It is an appropriate method for water wells, for mineral prospecting, site investigation and remediation. This rig will drill to 120 meters  depending on the conditions and sequence of strata. At only 450 Kg (1000 lbs), the smallest standard machine can be man-handled on its own wheels to places which would be inaccessible to heavier equipment.
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Borehole Water Drilling Machine

Boremaster- Drill for Water with Ease