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The MachineTech Boremaster 120 Hydraulic Down Hole Drilling Rig is our most popular portable water drilling rig.


Boremaster 120 on trailer

It’s easy to operate and portable enough to get into areas where larger borehole machines can’t.


Boremaster 120 with water container

Position the trailer, start the diesel engine and start drilling. Choose from button head DTH hammer or drag bits to churn through the terrain.
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South Africa Borehole Drilling Machinery & Equipment suppliers

Borehole drilling and rainwater harvesting. Most of rural Africa’s clean water lies in underground reservoirs (aquifers). The water is usually clean enough to drink without treatment. Boreholes (wells) must be drilled to tap the aquifers and pumps installed so that the water can be brought to the surface. We sell drilling rigs capable of capable of drilling 57mm- to 300-mm diameter boreholes in alluvial sediments 120 meters.

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We have a used/refurbished 2011 Boremaster borehole drill machine for sale.

The drill rig comes complete on double axel trailer which the following accessories

50m of drill rods

DTH hammer (for drilling through rock)

110 mm button head bit (for stone/rocks)

180mm drag bit

1000L Water Tank by FloBin

Dirty Water Circulation Pump

Main control station

Diesel engine with Hydraulic power pack

Boremaster Drill rig drilling Drilling Process 1 Drilling1 Image0189

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Drag Bits for Sale for borehole drill machines

Well drillings or well diggings
New well drillings and reborings even in hard rock
up to a depth of 120 m are no problem for the Boremaster Drilling Rig
Water can be extracted by means of well digging or well drilling. When digging, well segments with a diameter of 1 to 3 meters are needed. These wells can be dug by excavator up to a depth of 6 to 8 meters. For larger depths the well is established by drilling.
Wells for drinking water and wells for process water
The Boremaster Water Drilling rig. is able to carry out well drillings up to a diameter of 300mm using a drag bit (stabilizing pipework) and with a well construction (food safe synthetic material or highgrade steel) up to 200 mm diameter.These drilling diameters are applied for the construction of wells for public water supply facilities, agricultural irrigation wells and larger geothermal heating facilities.

For small water supply facilities, garden irrigation facilities and the like, drillings (stabilizing pipework 320 mm) with a drilling diameter of 240 mm (down-the-hole hammer, rolling bit, drag bit) are conducted. Subsequently the borehole is stabilized according to the desired water consumption with food safe synthetic material or highgrade steel.

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Drag Bit water drilling head drag bits drag bits